⛓️Carbonis Blockchain

Carbonis is a fifth-generation blockchain that aims to be sustainable and socially responsible. Its focus is on aligning blockchain technology with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

The Carbonis blockchain uses a consensus mechanism which rewards nodes that contribute to the overall sustainability of the network. It has cheaper and faster transactions.

The native token of the Carbonis blockchain is called $CABO. It is used for transactions, paying network fees, staking, governance and rewarding sustainable behavior.

Some key features of the Carbonis blockchain include decentralized identity management, supply chain traceability, and carbon credit trading.

Carbonis has partnered with various organizations and governments to explore sustainability-focused blockchain use cases. Overall, Carbonis aims to differentiate itself from other blockchains by putting a strong emphasis on environmental and social responsibility within its technological framework.

Following the successful CO2e fundraise, investors will qualify for a 5% allocation of Angel $CABO tokens as a recognition of their confidence in our product.

Subsequently, an additional Private Sale will be conducted, offering 10% of $CABO tokens. This allocation aims to address the significant expenses associated with blockchain development, maintenance, strategic partnerships, and marketing within the web3 ecosystem.

The initial valuation of the $CABO token is anticipated to be approximately $0.0001 (subject to discussion), presenting substantial potential for appreciation in token value over time.

The $CABO token will serve various utility functions including transaction gas fees, blockchain-based rewards, participation in governance mechanisms, and enhancing liquidity within the ecosystem.

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